Four women, all alleging sex discrimination in the workplace, sued B&H Photo Video, the nation’s largest camera and electronics store. The lawsuit filed in Supreme Court, Bronx County, alleges that B&H has illegally refused to hire women for sales positions. Three of the women who recently applied for jobs were turned down, and another woman who currently works at B&H as a cashier, has been refused a promotion to a better paying sales job.

This lawsuit comes after B&H settled a discrimination claim by the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), resulting in B&H paying over $ 4 million for failing to hire and promote Hispanics. The lead plaintiff, which asks for over $7 million in damages, is Nakisha Cushnie, who works as a B&H cashier. She says: “I asked to work in sales and make more money, but was told that no women were allowed in sales for ‘religious reasons.’”