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Weitz on Automobile Litigation and No-Fault Handbook

by Harvey Weitz and Richard B. Ancowitz

Order Now and learn from Harvey Weitz, a master trial lawyer who has obtained multimillion-dollar results in hundreds of automobile cases and from renowned authority Richard B. Ancowitz . This book offers a comprehensive 506-page review and analysis of both No-Fault and SUM coverage in NewYork State, complete with litigation strategies and practice tips. Topics covered include:

  • New Regulations relating to matters such as giving Notice of Claim, the timely Submission of Medical Bills, and proper submission of Lost Earnings claims.
  •  Analysis of whether a claimant seeking No-Fault reimbursement should proceed to arbitration or sue in court
  • Recent case law on how to oppose a summary judgment motion, and how not to
  • Discussion of the many procedural pitfalls out there waiting to trip up the unsuspecting No-Fault or SUM claimant. Don’t let them happen to you!

A necessity for any individual involved in automobile litigation

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Weitz on Automobile Litigation & The No-Fault Handbook

2007-2008 Supplement!

If you already have the 10th edition of “Weitz on Automobile Litigation & The No-Fault Handbook,” it’s time to get the most recent supplement!

Learn about the latest changes in automobile law from renowned authorities Richard B. Ancowitz and Jonathan A. Dachs.
A necessity for any individual involved in automobile litigation!